Kannon Zen Dojo Brussels

What is zazen?

Simply sitting down in peace! Zen is not more complicated than that. Sitting down in peace is also called zazen: to sit (za) in concentration (zen). To sit down in peace, the body posture is very important.

"To practice zazen is to give oneself the opportunity to practice another way of life, to be beyond seeking to grasp or reject, to put an end to all struggle and agitation."

Master Roland Yuno Rech

By pressing the knees firmly into the ground, tilting the pelvis forward and straightening up the spine, one creates a stable posture and the breathing becomes fluid. The body influences the spirit which becomes calm, peaceful yet vigilant, highly receptive. The posture becomes a mirror in which one can look at oneself without judgment, without allowing oneself to be led by thoughts.

"To practice zazen quietly in the dojo, extinguising all negative thoughts, this joy is beyond paradise."

Master Kodo Sawaki

It is important to share this practice with others: more experencied practitioners help to find the right posture and to correct it if needed. Other's energy and enthusiasm encourage us to carry on when it seems difficult to do so. The Brussels dojo is a calm, peaceful and easily accessible space where we meet to practice zazen.

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