Kannon Zen Dojo Brussels

Kannon Dojo Brussels

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Why does the dojo bear the name of Kannon?

If the mind does not dwell on anything, the true spirit appears, says the Diamond Sutra.

If our mind doesn't focus on anything, a vast and free spirit manifests itself.

The more we are centered on ourselves, our prejudices and desires, the more egocentric we are. The love we manifest around us in then limited.

In Zen Buddhism, universal love is symbolized by a being named Avalokitesvara, or Bodhisattva of True Freedom, or sometimes Bodhisattva of Compassion.

Kannon's photoThere are several ways in which Asian traditions and languages represent this spirit of compassion, and Avalokitesvara bears various names.

In Japan, Avalokitesvara is called Kannon and is represented by a thousand-armed being.

The dojo is the place where we meet to practice Zazen and discover this spirit of freedom and compassion.

In our dojo, Brussels Kannon Dojo, we aim at creating together the best possible conditions for Zazen practice.

The name of Kannon, willingly chosen by the founders of our dojo as the personification of True Freedom and Compassion, gives meaning to everyone's practice.

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