Kannon Zen Dojo Brussels


A sesshin is an intensive zazen practice period. From one to several days of collective living, concentration and silence in the dojo. Several meditation sessions each day, puncuated by lectures, mondo, manual work, samu and meals. The pictures below were taken during sesshins held by Master Roland Rech in Maredsous.

Master Roland Rech:
Master Roland Rech
Global view (during zazen with Kyosaku):
Photo of a sesshin in Maredsous

In the Soto school, zazen is practised without aim, without object, facing the wall. After zazen, there is a slow march (Kinhin):

Photo of zazen posture
Photo of Kinhin
Photo of zazen posture

Sometimes after zazen there is a mondo (mon, questions ; do, answers). During the mondo, the disciple asks questions to the master:

Photo of a mondo

Several activities take place during the sesshin.

The walk after the first zazen of the day:
Photo of a walk after the first zazen of the day
In the kitchen, preparing the guen-mai:
Photo of the guen-mai preparation

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